Anyone interested in my artwork will have noticed that so far this year I haven’t posted much of anything new, that’s because I have been involved with a project which I can’t speak about at the moment.

However, the most recent piece I have completed is a portrait of Jim, my friend Shaun’s grandad. I am posting the black and white photo he gave me to work with from about 1943 alongside my work to illustrate what I can produce.

As you can see, the photo Shaun gave me is old and degraded, the visual information is poor, the contrast is too stark, with most of the detail bleached out. I had to improvise most of the facial contours, and I was concerned that I hadn’t interpreted the image properly. I thought his eyes and mouth are too small for starters, but Shaun was really impressed, and told me I had captured Jim precisely.

I have rendered the image in Indian ink, using tiny dots on white paper, and to emphasise the portrait I have eliminated the background, leaving Jim to stand as the lone focal point.

heart usb stick (2 of 2) SHAUNS DAD-