To enter the competition, you need to do is share my post on any given day to your own Facebook page. If you are not already a Facebook friend, please send me a friend request and I will add you to my list, this will make it easier to analyse the data I wish to compile.

The purpose of the competition is to promote and illustrate the process of my artwork, and to disseminate it to as many people as possible in order that I attract commissions.

Enter as many times as you wish to, however, back tracking to previous post’s will not be admissible as entries will not be recorded retrospectively. Each entry will be recorded and numbered individually in the order they are collected, and then a numbered ticket will be allocated to the entry in that order.

As with the previous competition, on the closing date all entries will be added together into a lottery collection, the winner, second and third places will be drawn from the lottery. The event will be recorded and then posted on Facebook.

The competition 1st prize is for a single portrait of any person of your choosing (that is, a portrait of a single person, not a group portrait), 2nd placed winner will be an A3 size print of any piece of my work, and 3rd placed winner will be the same at A4 size.

The prize must be redeemed within one month, if not, the prize will be passed onto the second placed winner from the lottery.

The portrait can be of any person, living or dead, of the winners choice, it will be based on a photograph, either taken by myself, or if the sitter is no longer alive, or, if they live too far away for practical purposes, an image chosen by myself of the person to whom the portrait is dedicated.

For the purpose of the promotion, the production process of the portrait, including, the photo shoot of the sitter, or, in the event of the subject being either deceased, or living too far away for practical purposes, the photo selection, will be recorded and posted on Facebook on a daily basis up to completion, followed by the presentation of the prize to the winner.

The competition will run from Monday 7th September until and including Sunday 4th October 2015. The draw will be made on Wednesday 8th October 2015.
Good luck