Sitting BullDay 6 = 64 Shares

After an unsurprisingly quiet Saturday, Sunday delivered a roaring success providing us with more shares than on any other previous day, so thank you everyone. It appears that our post is starting to bring people into the competition who are new to us which is really pleasing as that is the whole point of what we are trying to acheive through running a free to enter competition.

Judging from the plaudits we have recieved people like our work which is very encouraging because being creative can be frustrating. As artists we have a view on the world which we try to translate through our creations, and certainly in my experience each peice feels as though it is an epic journey, as with the piece “Sitting Bull” above. Firstly I research the person I have selected to work on, and I then have to find a photograph which I feel empathises the subject, that done it is my job to be sympathetic towards them and render a  beieivable image to my audience. In the case of Sitting Bull there are only a handfull of available photographs, they are faded out monochromatic Degurotypes, which means you have to fill in the missing information with you imagination, based on the research you have done, and that in a nut shell is your creativity at work.

What you see, the work of art, the finished peice, is actually only the two dimensional representation of many hours of reading, trawling the internet, getting to nkow the person by the means available. I’ve stopped counting the hours, because unless one of the Saatchie’s discovers me and decides my work is the next big thing, I’m never going to be paid for the work I actually do, and although I have a very healthy imagination, I’m not stupid, and I know that isn’t going to happen, but I defy anyone to fina a more representational peice which goes as far as mine to depicting the medicine man warrior who was Sitting Bull. You see that it what I do, as with the picture of Micheal Collins earlier in the week. Tomorrow I’ll publish Abraham Lincoln’s portrait, check that one out.

Anyway, don’t forget, you can enter the competition as many times as you like, all you have to do is share my post to your own Facebook page, and thank you evr so much for all your support, encouragement, and shares. We are really grateful.

Many thanks, good luck and best wishes,

Tony and Karina



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